Adhesive + Plester

DM 850 is a pre-mixed plaster material that provides dual functions: adhesive and plaster work. It has superior bonding strength. DM 850 is developed for the harsh climate conditions and optimized by the latest automatic mixing machines. It also provide one-step wall finish instead of the conventional plastering and skim coating.


Typical Properties
AppearanceWhite/grey powder
Bonding strength>0.3N/mm²
Compressive strenght>10N/mm²
Water retention>95%
Bag Size50 kg
Red Brick Applications
Brick Laying1.5 m² / 50 kg bag / 10 mm
Plaster Work2.4 m² / 50 kg bag / 10 mm
AAC Applications
Brick Laying4.3 m² / 50 kg bag / 10 mm
Plaster Work2.6 m² / 50 kg bag / 10 mm